Self-Study DVD Series for Veterinarians
Do you own an ultrasound machine?    Is it a dust collector or doorstop?
You've seen the WOW 
 Now learn the HOW 
Begin making ultrasound work for you and your practice with my SELF STUDY DVDs.  PREPARE for wet lab training by studying the DVDs prior and OPTIMIZE your wet lab experience by studying them after.

NEW 3rd Edition     FAST EXAM:  Trauma, Triage, Treatment
Teaches minimum ultrasound skills:  85 video clips, 21 graphics  55 min
Recognize Effusions FAST
Learn to collect samples:  FNA & FNB Techniques   
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Prepare the patient and yourself with my
NEW  3rd Edition 
The skills you need for a general abdominal scan
Patient preparation and positioning
Train your scanning hand
Train your keyboard hand
Train your brain
1 1/2 hours of lecture/video/ graphics
Learn good scanning habits with my 
NEW  3rd Edition 

Learn to scan the abdomen systematically
Find and recognize organs
Recognize landmarks, evaluate parenchyma, discount artifact,  and learn measurements
Over 2 hours of  lecture/video/graphics (2 Discs)
Build CONFIDENCE with my
NINE ADDITIONAL TITLES (click Titles Available

Find the organs systematically

Practice purposeful transducer movements
Recognize normal appearance of organs 
Recognize and identify specific abnormalities

Locate lesions on the screen and describe them to pet owners, colleagues, or specialists

Practice fine needle biopsy technique:  how to guide the needle into the tissue, get a sample, make a slide

Use your ultrasound machine to: 
  • Optimize images
  • Label images  
  • Measure lesions and organs
  • Archive images for future reference

NEW EDITIONS Gallbladder 2nd Edition (12/13); Liver 2nd Edition (12/13)Stomach & Pancreas 2nd Edition (8/14);  Spleen & Intestines 2nd Edition (6/15);  Urinary Bladder & Prostate 2nd Edition (6/15)

  • Kidneys 2nd Edition (8/18) is available on our streaming site:  https://veterinaryultrasoundtraining.uscreen.io