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Because many of you have asked, we now offer our DVD content in online video streaming format by subscription.  The content has been reformatted and uploaded for your study and is available by subscription.  It costs about $80.00 per month. All posted content: available for 30 days. You can take your time viewing and reviewing individual DVDs.
Currently Available in the Beginning Category:

FAST Exam Third Edition
Tips and Techniques Third Edition
General Abdominal Scan Third Edition

Currently Available in the Diagnostic Category:

Gallbladder 2nd Edition, Liver 2nd Edition, Stomach and Pancreas  2nd Edition, Spleen and Intestines 2nd Edition, Kidneys 2nd Edition, Urinary Bladder and Prostate 2nd Edition 
​NEW  Finding the Adrenals 2nd Edition 
          Adrenal Disease 2nd Edition

Free Content:  Learning Ultrasound; Lesions of the Month