Mentor Consult
A Mentor Consult is a review of your ultrasound still images from a single case you may need help with.  Your email submission should include patient symptoms and any abnormalities of blood chemistries, CBC, urinalysis and radiographs.  Please limit your ultrasound still images to 20.
These should include the major organs and several images of suspected lesions.  I always appreciate your questions and comments.    espmcinnis@gmail.com  We have included a Mentor-Consult Form (CLICK ON UNDERLINED) which you may use to submit consult information, but not images which need to be sent as an email attachment.

I will review your submission, offer suggestions for further diagnostics or treatment, and critique the ultrasound images you supply.  The goal is to help you learn to recognize abnormalities and help you improve your ultrasound technique and application.

Because of my travel schedule I cannot always offer an immediate response. You may call to alert me that you have sent an email Mentor Consult.  Sometimes I will call with my response, but I will always send a written report by email.

A Mentor Consult is $50.00 per case pay via PayPal