Self-Study DVD Series for Veterinarians
General Cardiac Exam: 3 Disc Set

Voiceover Lecture
Interactive Menus
Over 200 video clips
Goals of a Cardiac Exam
Assess severity of disease
Monitor progress of disease
Determine and evaluate treatments

Objectives of the 3 DVD Set
After studying the set, the student will be able to demonstrate:
How to hold the transducer
How to use the transducer to move the ultrasound beam
How to optimize the ultrasound image
Measurement of the cardiac wall and chamber dimensions
Use of colorflow Doppler
Use of spectral Doppler
Interpretation of cardiac measurements

Disc 1:  55 minutes
Disc 2:  70 minutes
Disc 3:  69 minutes
The above times do not include practice pauses, self tests or hint buttons. Go to ECHO Contents Tab for table of contents for each disc.

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