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 Dr. Craig McInnis, DVM 
"My goal is to help you become better than I am, and learn faster than I did."
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Dr. Virginia Donovan of Lincoln, NE wrote:​

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your abdominal ultrasound video series. I am on the fourth disc and feel like I am really learning fast!

Your series has been the perfect way for me to learn and was exactly what I was looking for and what I needed. I have paid equally as much for a four hour wet lab and came away with much less.

Thank you very much for your video series and all the work you put in to them. You have helped me tremendously and I am very grateful!"

Have you tried one or more ultrasound training courses and felt you did not learn much?
  You are not alone: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!
It is well known in the veterinary teaching world that the current veterinary ultrasound training programs developed for large groups and taught at veterinary conventions and/or by ultrasound sales companies ARE NOT EFFECTIVE.  Attendees do not get “one on one” training at group lectures and brief wet labs, and don't get enough "hands on" transducer time. In addition, there is no immediate skill reinforcement plan.

Ultrasound instructors for such programs blame the failure rate on the student rather than taking responsibility for the program design and delivery.  Instructors need to develop integrative courses, first addressing basic ultrasound skills and techniques before moving on to diagnostic application. We have done so. You have seen the “WOW! Look what I can do”. We teach YOU “HOW to do ultrasound".

We have BEGINNING SKILLS DVDs and subscription plan to prepare you for training, onsite training on YOUR machine in YOUR facility, and post "hands on training" DIAGNOSTIC training DVDs and subscription plans to help you apply your new skills and integrate your findings into your practice of veterinary medicine.

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